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How Deep does the Rabbit Hole go?

There is an awakening happening on this planet right now. A revolution in consciousness. What we collectively are beginning to see the sparks of right now are the seeds of an Awareness and Consciousness Renaissance.

The Human Body is the highest level of organic consciousness technology in the universe and potential for activation and connection on sensory levels much further developed and refined than just the five bodily sensations of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing are possible inside of each and every one of us.

The problem we are facing right now is not just the interference from the powers and systems outside of our control that are currently trying to poison the planet, our minds, bodies and souls, but surprisingly enough, the people themselves.

Systemic trauma and deeply embedded emotional reactionary programs have been perpetuating self-sustaining cycles of atrocity across the surface of our planet for thousands of years through constant physical, class, economic, sociological, political and energetic warfare.

These systems promote deeply seated traumas in the psyche on all mind/body/spirit spectrums that get handed down to the offspring of the victims, creating inevitable buildup of emotional poisons. These buildup to an explosive point, and eventually start lashing out to release the pain of these poisons that create more and more cycles of trauma and suppression that only receive more generational reinforcement from the external elitist systems of control.

This system has left an unlimited consciousness caged into a box of its own making, full of doubt, fear, pain, anger terror, sadness, loss, hate, lack, scarcity and madness. These are the constant companions that flow in, out and through them as the sensations needed to decode then release these energies are shut down more and more as this external cage/system demands that it is the only real thing.

Internal awareness is shut down as outside validation becomes the only balm to sooth the feelings of lack.

Inside of this system, we are making the changes required to begin connecting into the internal world of sensation and full spectrum understanding. Those who feel it immediately are swept up by the intensity of how real and present what we consider to be invisible and intangible actually is. Those who are shut off from their own internal sense of awareness still need to analytically understand the simplistic complexity of these subjects which is exactly why this article has been made.

Lets start off with some simple concepts to begin with.

First, what is thought? When you think, what is the process that is happening? From an experiential point of view, it is simple to explain, however the mechanical details of it are extremely complex. An Experiential point of view would go something like this. "I needed to research different types of insects for a project at school, so I was thinking about what types of bugs I think are interesting. I could see preying mantises in my mind from memories of seeing pictures of them, as well as interacting with them physically. I was remembering statistics and facts about them as I was thinking about the image of the insect, as well as registering my interest in the subject by the excited focus I felt at the time."

How do we explain this in a physical, mechanical sense? We know that there was an increase of neural and synaptic activity as the brain sent waves of neural activity through specific channels and pulled up stored information as well as supplemented new information from previous experience, but what exactly happened? The brain and the nervous system run off of gentle, but measurable fields of electricity, and modern science has no way to explain how everything works together, they can only record the symptoms of thought, not explain it (the same with magnetism by the way, try to pin down a professor on the exact mechanics of why/how it works).

So we know that the brain uses electricity in order to "think", but what does this mean, and how does it connect in to what matters when decoding your existence in this reality?

This means that the body is capable of emitting and using electric, or energetic, fields. If we do not understand how it does this, but we can measure it, might not the body also be creating fields of energy that have not been able to be measured with modern technology that we also do not understand?

Does the fact that these fields of electricity in the body flaring into chemical fires make thought, in essence, created energy? Lets put a pin in this and move forward.

Lets dive into the quantum makeup of the universe. If we come from the macro level and look at the entirety of the universe, as far as we understand right now, it is made up of billions of trillions of galaxies. These galaxies are made up of billions of trillions of stars, and many of these stars make up their own system with planets orbiting around them. Many of these planets have moons as well, and together, they dance and create a brilliant system of connection and cohesiveness on a massive scale. Smaller parts making bigger systems plugging into bigger systems, into bigger systems, etc... When coming from the macro perspective to our perspective, we see that the planet is made up of many systems from water systems, earth systems, ice systems, air systems down into smaller systems that deal in the flourishing of life such as ecosystems, food chains, species groups, genus groups, etc.. In all of these systems we can see how the smaller pieces link right into the larger aspects of the outside perspective, yet without each part completing its role, the entire system would fail.

Going from our perspective deeper into the micro we see that every living thing on the planet is created by smaller systems. Animals for example have bone, muscle, skin, nervous, pulmonary, digestive and lymphatic systems that all form the entire organism. Going deeper into one of these systems, say the musculature for example, we can see that the muscles are all made up of muscle cells that are completely different than pancreas cells, or bone marrow cells, yet they band together in a smaller system to create that one muscle, which you might not pay much attention to it now, but would 100% notice if it stopped functioning.

Going deeper, we see these cells are made up of protein chains, lipids and amino acids arranged in differing patterns that dictate what type of cell that will be. Going even deeper, we can see that these cellular systems are made up of groups of atoms bunching together to create the foundations for that particular substance. Even deeper, we can see that atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, and even deeper than all of that, we see that all of those smaller pieces are made of up of quarks and anti-quarks which break down even further.

Obviously the pattern speaks for itself, everything fractals into systems larger and smaller than itself, but there has to be a base, or something that makes up everything. What makes up everything? Where do things like electricity, particle waves, neutrinos and things that are not solid such as different forms of light, frequency and energy fit in with all of this?

Simple. Because it is all energy. The atomic structure, despite being incredibly complex, is almost completely empty. The mass inside of an atom is literally 99.999% non existent, meaning if I were to physically blow an atom up to the size of a football stadium, the protons, neutrons and electrons would be about the size of a dime.

Our molecular scientists will even tell you, "You cannot actually touch anything. What is happening is a collision of forces, atoms cannot ever truly touch each other".

Our physical reality is crystallized energy, or crystallized frequency being held in a very specific pattern/frequency.

This is when we bring back in the mechanics of thought. We generate energy with our thoughts... If we know that the base construct of what makes up our physical reality is energy, then how does consciousness fit into this? What is the application of thought to experience inside of reality? Well, lets begin to explore the Double Slit quantum mechanics experiment.

The burning quantum theoretical question of the time was, "Is light a wave or a particle?" as the Double Slit experiment was born. Long story short, the answer is yes to both questions. As the waves of light, sound or water were passed through two narrow slits placed side by side, an interference pattern showed up on the screen on the other side. The craziness began when they decided to shoot one photon (particle) through the slits, expecting the screen to show one point going through one or the other slit, when an interference pattern appeared, as if that one particle had passed through both slits simultaneously.

It doesn't just stop there though. Because it was set up as an experiment using probability as a variable, they had no way to predict which slit the particle would travel through, thus creating the interference pattern of a wave. The strangeness began in earnest when they placed sensors in front of the slits to detect which of them the particle would use and the result was no interference pattern whatsoever, or it no longer was acting like a wave, but a particle.

They moved the sensors behind the slits, further away from the experiment and any possibility in between, and the results showed 100% of the time that if there was any direct observation of the quantum anomaly, it just didn't happen, or it behaved as if it did not exist. Only when there was no direct observation did the interference pattern appear.

Broken down, this shows the miracle of how the universe operates. Consciousness. Sense of self. Observation. These simple things can alter the fundamental molecular behavior and structure. It gets even weirder though. This anomaly boggled the minds of quantum physicists around the world and in order to figure this inexplicable quantum behavior out, they devised an experiment called the Delayed Choice Experiment. They placed advanced crystals in each slit that split each photon passing through it into two photons. The logic behind this was that as the photon was split, one would go to create the interference pattern and the other would measure itself against the detector.

To their amazement and frustration, it did not work. Even if the first photon hits the screen before the second particle is even detected, it still acts as the first double slit experiment under observation, meaning that just the simple act of a consciousness observing a photon can change its properties after it has already happened.

For those of you who are more visual, this is an excellent video explaining these quantum irregularities

So lets let this sink in for a bit. The simple act of being conscious and being in the act of observation can shift the molecular structure of the reality you exist in. In the simple state of observation, we shift just by being. What are the ramifications of being in a more engaged, active state of being?

This brings us to our next point. What is faith? Faith is conviction or such a firm belief in the truth of something that you *KNOW* it to be true. This is a much different state than just thinking. This is not just generated energy, but generated energy that has an application....Faith is applied in application.

Take for instance the often noted miracle of prayer. Religions around the world have men, women and children who regularly pray to a higher power with full faith that they are not only being heard, but will be answered as well.

In a universe where the base construct is a crystallized form of the same energy that you create with your thoughts, beliefs and internal feelings, something that you *KNOW* is going to happen, often will.

Does this take away the miraculous nature of this? Not at all! If anything, this should open your eyes to the absolute potential of each of us and the ability to truly create what we wish to experience here on Earth. More importantly, this should make our direct connection to the universe outside of us very apparent.

Now lets start moving into something incredibly important to recognize as an energetic consciousness inside of a physical body. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that nothing can truly be destroyed, only transformed into another state.

This is not just a physical law, but a universal one. The energy that sparks the life inside your body, the essence of you cannot be destroyed, only transformed. This means that death in a physical body is only that...a physical death. The soul energy only can transform and move forward from there.

Breaking this down spells out the absurdity of one of humanities greatest fears...the fear of death. There is no great ending as we die. Instead, this is a great transformation, a metamorphosis into the next phase in the journey of you. As your physical body begins to lose function and your consciousness slips away from the holds of the temple you have lived in your entire life, your state of being dictates the next environment you will experience.

Lets restate that. Your state of being, your emotional/mental/energetic state, will dictate the environment you experience as you transition into an energetic form. If you are terrified of dying, what reality are you creating as you pass through that space that all of us have to eventually face? If you truly believe you are going to Hell to experience damnation....are you going to a place, or are you creating it?

We already understand that the simple act of observation operates directly in the molecular universe. Interestingly enough, interactions with different states of being such as faith, happiness, focus, sadness, extasis or even something like the REM cycles of sleep remain clouded and there has hardly been any scientific research on these topics in the influence of consciousness in the molecular world.

Once we are at a point to where we are realizing that there is much more to our reality than appears on the surface, we start to hear about things like 'quantum entanglement', that then everything blows out the doors of what we thought and knew was real.

Quantum entanglement is defined as "A quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated."

That is a bit of a mouthful, but lets break that down. If two particles are engaged in quantum entanglement, there is no "two" particles. Point A and Point B do not exist, there is only point AB, which exists in both places at the same time. The crazy part about this is the fact that you can study each particle in its "Point A" and "Point B" positions as separate from each other in all appearances, yet what happens to one happens to the other regardless of how far apart they may be, be that two inches or two light years. What exists in one place exists in the other as one object.

Knowing on the quantum level that time is irrelevant because consciousness can nullify things that have already happened (double slit experiment), and through quantum entanglement there is a possibility for us to literally be connected into every single aspect of physical matter everywhere and everywhen, we begin to see the potential for human consciousness in a physical realm.

This knowledge is all well and good to begin understanding, however where is the practical application? What do we do with this knowledge to practically apply this information into experiential wisdom? Into our everyday lives?

First and foremost is recognition of your internal state of being. Is your natural state when you do an internal checkup distracted, scattered, unfocused and generally not feeling positive or healthy?

This goes beyond just asking if you feel OK, this involves bypassing the thinking mind and going directly into the sensations of the body. Are you in pain, is there tension, are you comfortable in your skin? Are you emotionally worked up, are you dwelling in places that are not NOW?

These are the important questions to ask as the consciousness begins to recognize the direct connection between the internal state of being and the external world, which is illusory, fake and hollow.

What it comes down to is a simple choice. To choose things that feel good and to choose things that do not feel good. Things that do not feel good we instinctively try to avoid, simply because pain is unpleasant. This goes much deeper than just physical pain. Emotional and mental pain can often be much more painful than physical damage. Surprisingly, when we look at the general pattern of human consciousness in our society right now, we see people making direct choices that put them into incredible levels of stress, emotional, mental and even, sometimes, physical pain.

Things that do feel good, we instinctively gravitate towards. Dopamine receptors in the brain flood with activity as our pleasure/reward centers are activated as our bodies are filled with feel good hormones and organic chemical cocktails. Release and satisfaction on all levels, emotional, mental and physical always feel phenomenal and naturally, we would think the obvious choice would be to choose what feels good, but as we look around, we realize this is not the general view.

Recognizing how directly each human consciousness is connected into the micro/macro world around them we start to see a pattern emerging. As a child we grow up in the environment that we exist in; taking on the social, economic, environmental, emotional and spiritual resonances of that environment.

If you grow up in an environment that fosters negative self talk, condones the lack of processing and releasing built up emotion, the acceptance of predatory behavior to "get yours", or just a lack of value in life, generally you will pick up those views.

Despite the fact that you have not chosen to grow up in those resonances, you have agreed to take those programs upon yourself simply by not denying them as truth from the beginning. This would never be something easily done and is incredibly rare to blossom into adulthood, but is entirely possible. The majority however, pick up these programs of self doubt, outside need for validation, acceptance of cold/callous behavior as "normal", lack of self worth and a growing sense of self-hatred, then begin to loop them back and forth inside of their state of being.

The vast majority of people today are not happy, do not feel good, and genuinely have no hope for the future.

This creates a field of generation and reflection from the very universe around them, created by them, keeping the reflection bouncing back to them of what they are putting out.

In even simpler terms, they are creating their own literal Hell, here on Earth. They do not even need to die to experience it!

They are making decisions based in fear, not in love.

The Human Body has two distinct operating modes of the Central Nervous System. Fight-or-flight, or rest-and-relaxation. The governing system of these modes is the Autonomic Nervous System, or the control of the automatic functions in the body such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion, reproduction, etc...

In these two modes, you can have the direct same physical reaction, yet through the trigger of the consciousness, can have a completely different experiential moment.

Take for instance excitement and fear. Physically, the sensations are the exact same. Increased heartbeat, odd fluttering in the stomach, dry mouth and hyper focus, but if you are at the edge of the airplane with a parachute strapped to your back and you are terrified of jumping out opposed to incredibly excited about it...well, you are going to have a markedly different experience.

You can have the same physical reactions, yet completely different experiences. The filter being the state of being, more specifically, the mode your nervous system is operating in....

Out of all of these automatic systems, the only one we have access to directly is the breathing.

By simply controlling the breath with a full, deep abdominal inhalation for longer than 2 minutes, you trigger the nervous system out of fight-or-flight, or into rest-and-relaxation. Follow the count of 4 seconds inhale, 4 seconds hold at the top of the breath, 4 seconds exhale and 4 seconds hold at the bottom of the breath (Quantum Pause Breathing) for maximum effect.

This easily accessible technique will give anyone a physical foundation to stand upon when they want to immediately shift their state of being, or conscious resonance inside of their quantum reality.

Coming from a stable state of being, physically allows for easy shifting on an emotional and mental state. In a place of rest-and-relaxation, decisions based towards the overall well being physically, mentally and emotionally are much easier to make, seeing as how you are starting on the foundation of feeling good to begin with.

Condensed down, your decision to engage in negative or positive states of mind directly dictate how you engage in your reality around you. Even if the experience is outside of your control, your decision in how you respond to the experience is always inside of your control. Most negative patterns only exist as long as you give them the reaction they need to exist....

Even more simplified, again, think in terms of decisions based in love and decisions based in fear. The more you decide to act in love, the clearer your state of being will become, simply because it feels good. The better you feel, the healthier you become. There are those who experience Heaven here on Earth who can physically look at those who exist in Hell. They can operate in the same time/space, yet not be in the same reality at all.

So we have been able to explore many aspects of the role consciousness plays inside of our experience of reality, but we have not really gone into what the essence of YOU really is. What is your soul? What is that spark of life that animates your body?

We already know that the consciousness is not just inside of the brain, the electricity that operates the nervous system extends out into the smallest reaches of the body, deep into the tiniest capillaries that only allow one blood cell at a time to flow through. The entire body is a system of consciousness with the differences between the thinking, conscious mind, and the body, being the language. The mind does not speak body language and body language does not speak language.

The body speaks in sensation, impulse, emotion, imagery and epiphany. When we try to speak to the body in the archaic language of words, we are much to stupid and slow for the body to even understand what is trying to be communicated. Think of a consciousness that can transmit a lifetime's worth of experiences and understandings in an instants time through direct connection of imagery, impulse, sensation and thought, trying to learn how to read and write.

This is what we are asking of the body when we try to interact with it on our thinking, analytical level. In order to understand the complexity of the enormous amount of information the body is capable of processing, we must bypass thinking at the body, and experientially go in with image, sensation and movement directly on the levels we are trying to interact with. An example would be, if someone has had a frozen shoulder for the past 10 years and they are trying to begin healing their body through consciousness by thinking at the shoulder, "Heal! Knit together! Lubricate!" they might experience a moderate level of success. If you were to speak this intent in body language however, it would go something like this.

*Use the deep breathing to take yourself into a state of calm and quiet, focusing on bypassing the mental chatter and going to a place of feeling the sensations in the body. Use the breath to explore the feelings of movement on the skin, under the skin in the muscles and how all the bones are connected to each other and the soft tissues. Explore this sensation until the shoulder socket and all the soft tissues around it out to the skin are fully aware of sensation and slight micromovement. Take a few deep breaths, following the sensation of air coming in from the mouth/nose, through the sinuses, into the throat and branching into either lung, feeling the swirl of cool wind in the chest. Once comfortable in this space, begin following the air pathway through the nose/mouth into the lungs, and direct the cool air flow into the shoulder, with the intention of lubricating, filling with blood, relaxing and opening flow, at the same time feeling the muscles deliberately relaxing with each inhalation. Breathe HEALTH directly into the area.*

By shifting the approach to working with your consciousness in your body, amazing results can be seen with physical dysfunction. This is the direct connection needed to create physical miracles.

These miracles are so common in fact, that medical science had to label it. Spontaneous Remission. Such as the story about the patient that was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, who was given weeks, if not days to live, and on the next checkup everything is completely healthy. The doctors cannot explain it, the patient is incredibly relieved, and another case for spontaneous remission is documented. Often times this is given up to a "higher power" as a miracle from outside and in some aspects this is true, as in if there is a Creator, he/she/it created you with some of the most advanced physical hardware in the universe that allows your consciousness to have a direct influence of your own internal universe, if you know the language....

Another proof of this power over the body is something that everyone knows about, but has not really given it the attention it deserves. The Placebo Effect. This effect is so common, that every single study done in medical pharmaceutical research today has to have a double blind study where half of the control population is given a non active ingredient to measure the level of conscious influence on the body compared to the drug being tested.

Lets think about this for a second. The effect consciousness has in the body is so evident, that you can literally give yourself symptoms or results from substances that never even existed in the body to begin with. Is this not about as conclusive as we can get on your own personal influence in your own body?

But this still does not explain the soul. This does not explain the spark of life that animates your body and makes you, you.

What if I told you that you are a mind/body/spirit complex, that your consciousness can interact with each of these aspects independently? We know that we can interact with the mind, most operate specifically inside of this space 100% of the time, and we are starting to understand that if we shift the language, we can interact with the body as well. What about the spirit? How do we interact with that?

The ancient Chinese have the perfect name for this energy or aspect of consciousness. Chi, or Vital Life Force Essence. They believed that through states of being, through different brain wave patterns, different emotional states, that they could activate, strengthen and move their spirit to understand vastly more and more complex levels of reality. In an evidence based world, results speak for themselves, and ancient China was as advanced as we are in our modern world on many levels, and on others, leave us blindly choking on the dust of "progress"

Your own souls energy, this Chi, can be stoked and trained to levels of intensity brighter than the sun. This can be felt and experienced inside the body at incredibly extreme levels with training. More importantly, when you begin to cultivate your own internal energy, you become aware of the interpretive abilities of the Human Body. The brain registers hundreds of thousands of sensations a second from the entire body, but can only consciously focus on five to six of them at a time. By activating and using your own Vital Life Force Essence, you begin to interpret those hundreds of thousands of sensations per second in real-time through the receptors of the body and the awareness of the flow.

While most understand the body as only having five senses, (hearing, smell, taste, sight and touch), in fact it has hundreds, possibly thousands of different senses. It is all about decoding your interpretation of not only how you speak to your body without using language, but how you interpret the sensations that the body gives to you in real-time.

When developing in the womb, we see when the brain is forming that the mass of neuronal tissue actually splits into three different areas of the body. One becomes the brain, one becomes the heart and the other becomes the intestines.

This is the physical bridge to understanding that we cannot speak to one "brain" of the body in the language that it uses, each brain occupies a completely different function of awareness.

The heart is the transformer, the balance between the thinking, knowledge/information based center of the brain, and the instinctive, sensory immersion of the belly brain. Through heart based understanding, we take instinct and impulse then temper it through knowledge and experiential wisdom.

Conscious expansion is all about the shifting forward into becoming more than you were before. By recognizing that we want a reality where we feel good and are happy, we can begin to recognize that we are the only obstacle in our own way. We just need to learn to speak the language needed to rewrite those aspects of ourselves.

As for training the spirit, I encourage you to try out this simple routine. I will walk you through going into deeper, calmer and more receptive states of awareness through the breathing, then teach you how to flow your Vital Life Force Essence, or your Chi through the body and begin to connect into Full Spectrum energy, energy that encompasses all levels of frequency outside of and including visible light (which is 1.7% of the entire light frequency).

This is a very good foot in the door to begin understanding the senses needed to begin exploring this aspect of your body that all of us are capable of activating.

The stronger you make this energetic flow by daily practice, the more you begin to recognize the shift in the reality around you. The ability to transmute toxic, stagnant emotions inside of you and directed at you in real time becomes a skill that exposes the direct pulse on our reality that each and every one of us is not only capable of accessing, but are constantly using unconsciously right here, right now.

I understand there is quite a bit of information to integrate and process in this article, but I just want to put this out there...

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Every aspect of consciousness and the way it applies to reality we have explored here leads to unending questions, higher levels of awareness, stronger and more obvious levels of "impossible" skills. As mind bending as this might be, when you actually start applying these awarenesses and skills to your conscious interaction with reality, you will begin to experience how mind bending conscious interaction with reality can truly be.

How deep does the rabbit hole go? How deep can you comprehend the makeup of reality? As far as your comprehension can go, that is where the rabbit hole leads and there is literally no end.

Even in a biologically immortal body with limitless time to explore, you are literally creating more to explore just by consciously deciding to explore it, thus making it a never-ending journey of epiphany, amazement and exploration! How deep does the rabbit hole go? How deep are you willing to go? There is always another hall to travel. Are you prepared for where you will end up if you go down it? It is a journey that will change everything, not just for you, but for the Human Species as a collective.

I hope this has been as educational for you to read as it has been for me to write and I apologize for any existential crises that might surface because of this, but you will never have anything drop into your path that you do not have the tools to handle. Happy researching!

From my heart to yours,


This is an open source article, feel free to share on your websites, just make sure to link it back to

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