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The Scariest Story Ever Told

The Scariest Story Ever Told (with a Happy ending)

By Christina:

*with footnotes from Eric Raines in bold italics*


I was 42 years old early in 2014 when a blizzard swept across Georgia, bringing in its wake layers of ice and power outages. It seemed like a good time for a road trip from where we lived in Columbia County to go see my friend in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston was not expected to freeze, but the area around where we lived in Georgia was out of power for days.

I was having so much fun in Charleston that even though the power was coming back on, I decided to take Gabriela and myself further on down to North Florida for the weekend to attend a music festival I found online. My friend was sober, so I had refrained from drinking while I was in Charleston and intended and set a goal to continue not drinking at the festival as well. Obviously I was at a point in my life where I was having to work hard and put a lot of thought and planning into not drinking, which wasn’t a good place to be. It turned out that I had been overconfident about that goal and ended up compulsively stopping on the way for beer.

What should have been a lot of fun turned into total disaster. The festival was where things took a turn for the worse, due entirely to my drinking too much I was mistakenly taking my 12-year-old daughter through this misadventure, even though at the time, I thought she would enjoy it since this was the kind of music she was getting into. She is a great kid, well-behaved and earnest and I’ve always discouraged her from alcohol and drug use, giving my past experience and effects on my life as testimony as to why it’s a bad idea while also teaching a fair and balanced perspective about marijuana’s difference from other recreational drugs and the reasons why it should be legal. That abuse of this or any substance will lead to unhappiness.

Unhappiness I was thoroughly familiar with; living in Columbia County as a single mom with no support on a daily basis, I had come to rely on my Guinness almost daily as well as 3 other prescribed drugs in the class of benzodiazepine and antidepressant/antianxiety. The memory of the names of these drugs which I took for years now escapes me, only since I’ve started writing this, and I will have to go back to medical records to discover them if I can’t remember. Ever since the following experience, however, I have remained free of all mind-altering substances except marijuana. It’s now been 3.5 years.

My memory of events at the Aura Festival are generally spotty, but one thing that stands out to me was while watching one of the bands, I sat on a flatbed trailer with a young guy who smoked his bowl with me and we started talking about DMT. I told him I had been studying about it and had gotten really interested and he said he had some. I didn’t believe him at the time, since I knew it was pretty rare and expensive. I don’t know if he shared with me or not. I do remember feeling I didn’t want to, feeling that would have not been the best time and circumstance to try that. I don’t have any memory of any effects from DMT.

That weekend, I dropped my wallet, later went back and found it, but the 300.00 in cash inside of it had been taken and my new eno hammock was stolen, all because I drank too much. This would be the least of my worries in less than 2 days. But at the time, it seemed like a reason for more drinking and I even stayed an extra day at the camp because I was having trouble stopping. I hate Jagermeister but an almost full bottle of Jagermeister had been left on the ground and I couldn’t help myself from downing it. Late Monday afternoon on the 17th of February 2014, Gabriela and I headed treacherously back up through the South Georgia countryside towards home.

It was now nighttime and we had gone past Vidalia and Valdosta and were continuing cross-country to get over to Augusta. The following events end up becoming so strange, that I’ve even had to consider that we wrecked and died or somehow crossed into an alternate dimension out in that wasteland. It was a dark stretch of 2-lane highway in the middle of nowhere and I saw a police car with its lights on the side of the road and an officer standing next to it.

Having no previous experience with any sort of visual clairvoyance, I noticed for the first time this hazy darkness descend down in front of me, as if I was driving into a thick veil, enough to make it even darker outside and harder to see. I was really paying attention and trying hard to see, it made such a noticeable difference. Gabriela was asleep in the back. What the police officer was doing, I couldn’t tell, but I was able to see the car in front of me slow down the way you normally would when you pass blue lights on the side of the road. *This is the original fracture, where the parasitic construct found a "mark" and used the officer, heavily implanted and running multiple etheric programs to cause the initial incursion into her energetic reality*

Naturally, I did the same thing - slow enough to where I could see the officer was looking intently at me. He immediately followed me in his cruiser and pulled me right over. There had been no roadblock signs, barricades, cones, or even a proper traffic-directing torch, but he accused me of “blowing through his roadblock”. He immediately took out the breathalyzer and I informed him that because I had received a false positive reading in the past (true enough) that I don’t blow into breathalyzers or trust their results. I hadn’t known there were a couple empty beer cans under the seat. Of course, he didn’t hesitate to arrest me and Gabriela was taken away from me.

The Possession:

My Dad thought it was funny that the town where the jail was located was named Alamo. He’s a “history” buff but I was never taught in school about The Alamo, so I’m not sure what was funny. The surreal thing is that at this point in time, nothing under the sun was funny. My ordeal had truly begun when I was brought into the Wheeler County jail in Alamo, GA and put into a windowless cell by myself.

I appeared to be the only female prisoner held in the tiny rural jail. For most of the day, my cell door was unlocked and I was allowed into a windowless women's common room that contained the tables and chairs for eating. The only time I saw staff was twice a day for a minute when they would bring food. They didn’t chat or stay. There would be no sunlight or going outside for the first month, which is the period of time I’m describing next.

There was no TV and the only reading material was a Bible in the cell. The first two weeks of my time there consisted of the typical desperate and anxious prayer-filled existence that is common in jails for many Americans. There were countless prayers and tears to exhaustion, to the point of putting my face in the floor and begging God for help. Despite having any real experience with religious fasting, I fasted twice for 4 days apiece. The first time was in the first few days when I could not bring myself to eat. The second time was different.

*Modern society is full of many distractions that keep the average person from finding long stretches of time where they have no choice but to look inside and begin to understand the real "them". Coupled with the trauma of having her child taken from her, this solitude, depression and fasting began to force her to open up her multidimensional connections.*

I came to a decision almost immediately after my arrival to enroll in a treatment program because after all, I had once again made a decision that I would not be drinking on this camping trip and once again gone back on that in an impulse to the point of blacking out and also having a hard time stopping. I had enrolled in a 28-day program in the past, but that was about how long I was able to stay sober after finishing. Clearly I was at the end of my rope and I knew it and the only way I could be a safe and effective person would be if I could quit for good.

Drinking was an on-off thing for me, but much too often I was unable to stop drinking after I had started, much to my detriment. During my first 2 weeks there, I did a lot of soul-searching and wrote down all my sins I could think of to that point and confessed and repented of them with all of my heart to God. I wrote down plans to make amends to each person I could think of. I’d not yet studied all 12 Steps of Recovery and didn’t recognize at the time that that’s basically what I was doing.

I received some guidance by reading the entire New Testament through, though shortly my efforts to continue to read would be awfully hindered, as I will explain. Although I never received any training in how to meditate, sitting and praying often naturally led to meditation.

Two weeks in, I believe I was lost in prayer, in my thoughts, or in a trance state much of the time, particularly since I had decided to fast again. I was encouraged since I could see I had been able to do it for 4 days before and I knew I was now on the right track. Four days was as long as I could manage this time also. I saw it not as a sacrifice, but as a gift and token of my appreciation for God. I wanted Him to notice and know how grateful I was for everything in my life.

*Religious programming allows excuses for the parasitic construct. Anytime anything "supernatural" or extraordinary happens, there are allowances that are overlaid onto the experience simply by accepting the teachings of the religion as true. For instance, acceptance of suffering, which we will see get expanded out into fairly intense ways further into the account.*

During this time of the second fast is when things began to get strange. I was given permission to go back to eating, we’ll put it that way. I had purchased through the jail order form a pack of starburst candy and really savored those small, colorful squares which were such a bright spot of my day in my gray cell. I also would start needing to get permission to eat those, as well. But it got much worse. I believe he started talking to me during the second fast. A gentle yet authoritative voice who I could only assume to be Jesus, had started talking to me.

This was at the time I was praying so much. I was so happy and excited to be honored by this communication because I truly did believe this was Jesus. This being could read my mind, and answers to questions in my mind came to me in yes or no impressions at first. It was like playing a game to find answers. In the beginning, I asked, “Are you Jesus?”, then I received “Yes”. He was helpful at first and encouraging.

*The parasitic construct will use any religious dogma to hide itself in. If she was Hindu and asked, "Is this Krishna?", she would have received the exact same answer, and the image it would project would be of religious images of the God Krishna*

Soon after, I was sitting on the edge of the bed, receiving answers to some of my questions by communicating with him telepathically, when my head began to move gently back and forth as if shaking no, without my having moved it, in response to a question in my mind. This was spooky and alarming to me at first but after awhile I had to accept the gentle nodding and shaking as a natural, every-minute response to each question that came into my mind.

*After initial contact when she did not reject the possession immediately, the entity had enough time and acceptance from her to begin to infiltrate her meridian and energy bodies, causing energetic restructuring, inducing chi flow out of her and into the entity that she felt as "puppeteering movements".*

It seemed sensible that it was a gift that was being given to me. This was the calm before the storm when we were having a great relationship, but I was becoming a little put-off at the demands that I wait to eat a Starburst and such, as a test and a showing of my loyalty to him. I suppose I was a little disappointed that God/Jesus was being such a control freak but it’s true that he is portrayed much this way in the Old Testament.

He was pointing out to me the so-called sins I had missed in my confession, leading me to believe that a loved one had been molested and that I was the responsible party because I had not been there. Instead I was taking classes in night school and if I had been there, then it wouldn’t have happened. That this individual had been destroyed and I was the responsible party. This topic got me feeling nutty. I was an emotional wreck and feeling such guilt and shame, even though I had already confessed all my known sins the previous week.

*Here is where the entity had gained enough control and influence and began to heap "karma" onto Christine, causing her to take on suffering that was not her own, and being in a place of authority, because she was "talking to Jesus Christ", she accepted it without question. The story of the life, torture and death of Jesus Christ opens up the idea that suffering is something that is holy.*

The guilt-tripping didn’t seem right and I was trying to work it out, but I just kept going back to the idea I picked up in church that I couldn’t possibly know what was good for me and I just needed to have faith. At the time of this writing, the guilt program is the one that still attacks me the most, even though deep down, I know in my soul that I’m a Phoenix.

The next phase of the experience was to involve being “healed”. He had offered to “heal” me, for which I was very grateful. It would begin with me lying down and he wanted me to focus on certain parts of my body, at which point I could feel something subtle happening, but I can’t remember anything significant going on. I wanted for Jesus to heal my loved one and remove the pain and consequences from her and give it to me instead.

*The subtle sensations that she was feeling was her directing her chi flow into specific energetic centers, guided by the entity that had already infiltrated her body on multiple levels, physical, emotional, energetic, neurological and multidimensional. The reason behind this was anchoring. The entity at this point was in complete communication with Christine and it no longer needed to implant her with anything because it was able to have her to the work for it.*

This “Jesus” showed his ability to do that. For hours I received visions and sensations, over and over again, of the horrible violence perpetrated against my loved one, whose place I had been put in to receive her pain. Over and over the visions with the totally real, painful sensations and my begging for Jesus to give all the pain and trauma to me and take it away from her. This experience was the worst episode I’ve ever experienced, seemed totally real, and went on for what seemed like hours.

*Here is when the entity began to feed upon her in earnest. In the solitude of depression, anger, loneliness and hopelessness, the entity had programmed her with some of the most powerful Loosh programs humans can be influenced by, creating massive amounts of negatively oriented energy that it could feed upon.*

I trusted this being at the time, in hopes it could really work that way and that she would be OK. I was also given all kinds of other virtual-reality visions of terrible and traumatic events which were supposed to have happened to myself as a child but which I don’t remember. I just trusted that all this was part of the healing process. The next part of the healing regimen involved my sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed, sitting up straight but relaxing and allowing my head to be turned, slowly at first then speeding up to where my head was shaking back and forth violently in a blur.

*This is where Christine began to produce enough dark energy that the entity was able to open up a negatively oriented portal and bring in etheric Artificial Intelligence structures to begin stretching in from an alternate universe where it came from.*

Very fast I was shown what looked like color slides or vividly colored pictures, but I can’t remember what any of them were. These images were actually moving, very bright and colored brightly like a hologram; they were stacked or paged altogether, then moving so fast like a book flipping through pages, so fast I can’t remember what they were but I imagine my subconscious still saw what they were about. While lying in my bed, I had all kinds of visions which included automated systems with weird clockwork technology that never made sense to me. These were not that colorful but were more drab and ethereal.

Next to me there stayed a scooping mechanism which picked up and dumped balls of energy of some kind. I’ve been able to see it since then as well. The weirdest vision seemed to be mocking the notion of climbing a ladder to heaven in order to be judged and then either welcomed by the one at the top of the ladder or dumped down into a pit of lava, along with weird automated angels trumpeting an annoying song over and over again each time someone was welcomed.

*Christine began to be able to detect the etheric machinery, and instead of trying to hide these constructs from her, they overlaid the Loosh harvesting system with religious backgrounds, tricking her into believing she was seeing the afterlife.*

This seemed to go on for hours and seemed like nothing I could or would ever conceive of, it was so strange, annoying and weird. It went on and on. He would give me the impression that I was seeing the future and encouraged me to watch the visions and take them seriously, even though they were senseless and stupid to me. In hindsight, it was either designed to add more religious trauma or perhaps it was a vision of the hell that awaits for the confused and satanic Christian who will be unwittingly willing to give their lives over to this thing.

*"This thing" as in the entity that had trapped her, not the actual Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a real person and is actively working from the other side of the veil to help free us, but is not "the son of God" as the religious programming has told us, but is what would be known as an ascended, glorified being.*

The being began to focus on the fact the ones in the scene were children and seemed to be into having me look for Gabriela go up the ladder and see whether she was welcomed or condemned, and then participate in the little trumpet celebration when she made it. I begged and begged for it to stop. Another thing that it did was to create random strong emotions or false emotional reactions in me suddenly that would go away just as suddenly and weren’t apparently triggered by anything real.

*By this time, the etheric and AI systems set up inside of Christine and her reality were an equivalent to a vending machine. They would press a button and she would discharge the appropriate "flavor" of emotion for these beings to consume.*

It made me suddenly start weeping from nothing, stop just as suddenly, and changed my facial expressions into emotions sequentially, without any cause. Things had totally stopped making sense; I was utterly traumatized but retained enough presence of mind to begin questioning whether this Jesus was who he said he was. I was not only pissed, I was seriously questioning the sanity of this being doing these things to me.

At some point, things had really switched and once the visions began, the whole tone of things had darkened immensely. The head nodding and shaking in answer to my thought-questions had begun to lessen and I didn’t always receive an answer or a clear one. My head would slowly start to move but would then stop before a full nod or shake would ever happen. It was about this time that he would feign offense and threaten to go away.

*Christine by this time had developed a serious doubt of the validity of the entity and had started to "non-consent" with her energy and the being was using whatever tricks it could to keep her open and flowing with Loosh.*

I didn’t want to be abused, but I had become weirdly attached, in my lonely cell, to communicating with it and I didn’t want this thing just abandoning me like that. I begged and panicked until he would start answering again but then I asked him outright for the second time, Are you Jesus, believing that the power of Jesus’ name would surely prevent him from lying once again, though it seems like it should have the first time. I received absolutely no response.

*This is when she knew for sure that she was not communicating with Jesus.*

I simply informed the entity that I do not talk to spirits, ghosts, angels or demons of any kind, only the true Jesus, and there was no way that I would continue to speak with him and to get lost. I sensed that he got quiet but did not get lost.While reflecting on the disturbing experiences I had been having, the troubling thought occurred to me that the problem could be that I am demon-possessed and I better get it out of me somehow.

I worked very hard to exorcise it myself, commanding it in (the real) Jesus’ name, to no avail. This was very painful; something was arching my back and contorting me - I could feel what I’ve learned may have been Kundalini energy snaking up and down my spine but it wasn’t anything good. It actually felt like I had an mean and evil snake deliberately hurting me and burrowing in and out of my chakras.

*By this point, the entity already had complete access to her body, and she did not have enough energy to push it outside of her. By trying to push it out of her body, she was reversing the flow the entity had established and could directly detect it moving through her in a painful manner.*

It was pulling on the front of my neck, coming out of the top of my head, rocking my body with convulsions but I didn’t give up. I fought it with every molecule and word that I had. It would seem to work and things would settle down, but then it became obvious that was just a trick to make me think what I was doing was working because then in a matter of minutes, it would just start right back up again.

I most definitely felt the oppression of torture, to just about the awful level of before. By this time, I was able to see the entities. At night, I’d seen a huge tick-like creature crawling up the wall, many pinpoint blue flashes and a few blue square flashes during the times the light was on; and in the dark, many small, upright, round disk-shaped technological objects with extreme detail which would float into my face and all around me when I was going to sleep. They would glom onto my face and cause me particular fear.

*Having established such a strong foothold, the entities now no longer cared if she could see them. She could not tell anyone about it simply for the fact that mainstream society views anything like this as a sign of a complete lack of mental health, and possibly dangerous to boot.*

I would refuse to sleep and sit up rocking myself to stay awake because of the terrifying, more-than-I-could-deal-with, wicked, vivid nightmares each time I fell asleep. I wondered if the round disks were some kind of technology which interfered with me while I slept and caused these horrific nightmares. And while lying in my bed after everything had quieted down, I was able to perceive myself attached to an ugly, ethereal machine and small transparent orbs marching out of me in a line. I was being given the impression that I was serving as an incubator or portal.

Naturally, I had asked a guard to send a minister or chaplain. She said she sent the one from her church and he showed up in a week or so. He seemed a bit incredulous of me, probably just thinking I was schizophrenic, but helpfully pointed out the passage where Paul is afflicted by an evil spirit God sends, which was a new one on me, and also the passage, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities”.

*They have to tell us what is going on, and this verse in the Bible is one of the most accurate verses available to us. The world would be a utopia if these "powers and principalities" held no sway in the minds of men.*

I was desperate for help and the passage about what happened to Paul at first made me feel special like Paul, but as time went by, I began to feel that what was happening to me was not fair at all and that even God was abusing me like so many others had. There would be no more attempts at exorcism; in desperation I now focused on shaking “holy” water that I had prayed over/blessed into the corners of the room the way I had seen a priest do.

I chanted commands in Jesus’ name for them to leave. I even put a sign up on my bed which commanded them to stay away in Jesus’ name. I could still see the entities in the ceiling and the blue flashes all around me were just the same. During the times I would be trying to read the Bible, one of two things would happen. The focal point of my eyes would roll around and around the phrase or word I was trying to read in a circle, not allowing me to focus my attention directly on the words.

*Christine was actively working against the entities at this point and time, and they were trying to keep her distracted, hopeless and helpless to their possession.*

It broke my concentration and took much longer to read, dealing with this, but I refused to let it stop me. I had already finished the New Testament and was now into the prophets. Another thing is I would suddenly drop off and then no matter what time of day it was or how hard I tried, I could not keep myself awake and conscious. My eyelids would feel completely made of lead. I was acutely aware of this interference, but like everything else, I couldn’t do anything about it.

The issue with the rolling focal point came again also in the form of my attention repeatedly being drawn up toward the ceiling against my will and involuntarily getting stuck there, with a spiraling field of waves shaped like a cornucopia going around the focal area. I had to work each time to rip my focus away. I can’t imagine what the purpose or mechanism of that was. It was extremely hard to fight and caused me massive fear.

*She in now noticing the energetic structure of the portal they created, using her as a focal point.*

That drawing of focal point reminds me of the earliest time in my experiences of the visions when the being I thought was Jesus was showing me, with my eyes closed, a small white smudge glowing faintly, and wanted me to focus on it and watch it as it floated. He said that if I looked hard enough at that, I could see him. It was very shortly before the fast head-turning experience with the images. To this day, when I’m waking up slowly in the morning, I can still see that moving about when I close my eyes, but larger with more detail and doing all sorts of things with light and dark shades unfolding upon themselves.

*False light uses religious images and pretty pictures to hide behind. This is why energetic hygiene is so important. Someone who is competent in using their chi flow would be able to see these happenings and be able to look beyond them into what is actually creating them, never allowing this level of infiltration into the body to begin with.*

It looks a bit like a portal and I’ve seen little dark worm-like creatures burrowing into holes, with a lighter shade then covering them over. It’s very hard to make sense of and hard to describe. I’ve been able to make out images with just those two drab colors of a silhouetted figure leaning over a control panel or table, a face which looked like that of the Iron Man suit peering in at me and suddenly morphing to a skull/crossbones as I peered back and a metallic arm/hook thing reaching down.

Another thing was once when I was lying on the bottom bunk and momentarily reached my arm up to touch the springs above, an unusual tingling feeling quickly spread from the tips of my fingers up my arm and it felt alive - not like when a limb just falls asleep. After this, this left arm and hand would go to move by itself, involuntarily, and I spent a few days fighting with it to regain control, which I entirely did.

*This was her own chi flow directed by the entity out the arm to buffer AI metal structuring.*

Another really scary thing was when I would try to pray, over and over a word would be changed against my will to something else inappropriate and I would have to slowly and deliberately restate the phrase until I could say each word I wanted. It really felt like there was someone or something strongly trying to work on remotely controlling my mind and body, for what purposes I don’t know. Maybe research, which is extremely scary and fills me with rage. Maybe programming or a complete takeover of myself, which is the even scariest prospect.

*Neurological reprogramming was attempted. If successful, Christine would have ended up in a mental hospital with multiple diagnoses such as multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.*

At the time, believing that I was having an entirely spiritual, organic experience with Jesus, I was very surprised that there was such a technological aspect to it. Especially the head-spinning thing with the images. All I know is there is nothing in my former religion which helped or prepared me for what happened, other than refusing to speak to any entity that’s not “God”. And I’m not convinced my exorcism or ceremonial efforts at the time had any real effect, either.

I now believe it’s what I needed to comfort myself and give me a feeling of a semblance of control. With the exception of the issue with the eyes and pretty much the equivalent of what I can still see in the air at times, the activity pretty much settled down just a day or two before the arrival of another female inmate. She was kept locked in another cell, and good thing, because she was completely and totally taken over and out of her mind.

She screamed and had fits of rage and what sounded like working on destroying her cell. Of course, I was thoroughly traumatized now and spent all my time curled up on the bed, listening in amazement. When they brought her food and slipped it through the hole in the door, after they left, she threw it back out onto the floor. I was responsible for cleaning it up, as the only other female. (Guards don’t clean) But thankfully, they kept her locked in the cell until they let her go.

*Here we can see the affects of the entity on another lonely, angry, depressed individual.*

I know they let her go because she was back about a month later and punched me three times in the head. I often wonder if they were perpetrating the same things on her. I had lots of time, hours and hours, to lie in the quiet and pay attention to each individual thought that came to my head. Doing this, it was easy to notice the random, nonsensical, or “not me” phrases and ideas which would come into my head, in my own voice.

These type were more sudden and piercing than my own thoughts, which would form more gradually based on my train of thought and were much more logical. The “other” type would mix in regularly and randomly with my own logical thoughts. I began to work on sorting them out and practicing filtering them, which takes effort but has still been a useful skill to maintain to this day and is well worth it, steering me more clear of emotional unbalance and error in my behavior than before.

*About 90% of the average person's thoughts are not their own, but this device in the temple that syncs into their own internal speech patterns and then begins to "speak" in their own internal voice. The narrative is more often than not predatory, self derogatory, depressive or hateful.*

Perhaps it’s what’s meant by “mindfulness”; this way, power is removed from those erroneous thoughts. At any rate, it became obvious to me for the first time that all my thoughts are not always my own and are mixed in with something or “other”, which is pretty distressing in and of itself. That part I figure we all have; it’s just we’ve been fooled into thinking those piercing, attacking, negative and abusive thoughts, which do sound like our own voice and are based on our real concerns and fears but are ridiculously amplified and even random; are our own thoughts and that we are just sinful or “messed up”.

I found in my quiet, sensory-deprived time in solitude that in fact, we are constantly being messed with by these negative entities, with “God” keeping out of the picture, and as much as most folks would like to run away from that fact, it’s scary but true. I now know it’s up to us as Enlightened Beings to save ourselves and move in the right direction, helping ourselves and others to come to complete Health, Understanding and Wisdom.

*This is true and not true at the same time. God is always there, it's just that in the mental, emotional and spiritual state of most of the population, they simply do not know how to connect into Source energy, leaving a person feeling like they have the world on their shoulders with no backup from God.*


Now, 3 years later, Eric Raines has been the first individual to show Compassion and Understanding of my entire situation and reach out to help. After just one session with Eric, I found so much relief. The outside chatter coming in is much less dense and easier to sort out. I’m much more relaxed and able to settle down and focus. These implants have the potential to make you crazy and impulsive. Before, there was this go go go thing that was interfering with my judgement, concentration, and ability to relax and settle down.

I am much more clear-headed and calm, however I know I need to continue to do the exercises and meditations Eric prescribes in order to keep it that way. My anxiety is way more manageable and I'm able to do the visualization exercises I do for that more effectively, catch the foreign thoughtform and throw it out before it starts getting me down and confused. My vision really lit up after our session and I was able to see lots of energy moving about.

My connection to my environment has increased, such as I can now appreciate the gentle, fresh breeze and the subtle fresh smells of nature. This awareness and appreciation was stolen from me for years and the environment around me had seemed so flat and lifeless. On a side note, there is an interesting thing which happened right after my session with Eric, which properly channeled, must be a really powerful thing we are capable of.

I was by myself in a quiet waiting room outside the door where my daughter was doing her neurofeedback session, a relatively new medical treatment for ADHD. The neurofeedback system makes uneven, irregular beeps that are easy to hear in the waiting room; they are somehow giving audible feedback to the practitioner about her current attention level on the task. I happened to enter a more relaxed, meditative state while I was waiting and did you know that neurofeedback machine went from the usual irregular beeping to a steady beeping which was in exact sync with either my heartbeat or the pulsing in the energy center of my chest and it did this for a lot longer than just a few beeps!

I noticed it and observed it for a minute in awe, and then came to the realization that I better wake up and make sure I'm not interfering with my daughter’s neurofeedback session! I could then hear the beeps become suddenly irregular again. I considered that perhaps I would need to remove myself from that area in order for her to have a good session, but once I came out of meditation, it did thankfully go back to the proper random-sounding beeping.

I’ve embarked on a new leg of this Life journey and that profound experience just hit it home for me. Thank you Eric, for sharing your gift with the world and staying so grounded and humble. You show for us true Hope, a good role model, and how bright our future can really be, no matter how hard it’s been. In the true sense of the word, Eric, Namaste.

*You are so very welcome, I am so happy to facilitate Christine.*

*When Christine read this to me, I was absolutely amazed by the step by step documentation of the possession. Despite the insane things that were happening to her, she kept a corner of her mind recording and documenting everything she heard, saw, felt, and experienced.

I realized that she has created a literal treasure. There are so many in the world who have gone through experiences like this and have had no one to talk to, let alone help them find their way back. This is not an easy story to read or listen to, but there is so much value here that I felt compelled to share this. When one person stands up in their truth, others who are to frightened to do so see hope. They see a possibility of not being crazy, which society swears you are if you ever go through anything along these lines. They begin to realize that it is NOT in their head, because despite the way this world looks, it is NOT a construct of their internal universe, but something that is actively being done to them.

There is a way back. There is hope. WE have the power in this game, most just do not know the keys to the system, yet. Anyone can take control of their energetic, physical and emotional bodies no matter how far down into despair we are plunged, and Christine's story is a brilliant example of this.

Until we stand up and speak our truth, we are divided. Divide and conquer, that is the modus operandi of the parasitic construct. They are terrified of people speaking the truth and pulling them out from behind the curtain. Without anonymity, their power crumbles overnight. We are the ones we are waiting for. We are the ones with the power. We are here to Unleash our Natural Humanity, and take this planet back to ignite it into the jewel of the universe that it was designed to be.*

From my heart to yours,


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