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Building resistance to Archonic implantation

Building tolerance and strength against Archonic implantation:

I am constantly finding people asking what to do in your life pre/post extraction, and honestly its pretty much the same thing.

Before having implants removed, we are pretty much unaware of the influences on us and our environment through this etheric manipulation, and blindly react to our internal stimuli. Unless you are already well developed on your path to becoming a genuinely loving and compassionate person, you probably havnt noticed the frequency and intensity of these distracting thoughts and emotions in your everyday life and are remaining a puppet to the outside control.

Energy workers/healers all have ran into these parasites and probably have never put 2 and 2 together with what is actually happening.... In a Reiki session, sometimes we notice dark sticky spots inside the energetic body of a person. Sometimes we can feel them latch onto us and jump up our arm to settle inside of us.

Awareness of something happening doesnt mean we can prevent it, especially when the motivations of the implants (I prefer to call them parasites, ticks or fleas) are unknown to us, as well as defensive exercises and energetic barriers used to remove and repel them are unknown as well. I am here to shatter the falsehoods and teach all of us how to become immune.

Now, since we have lived with the fleas our entire lives and have not had a single moment of respite or freedom from them, we consider all of their symptoms completely normal. The racing thoughts always focused on the negative, the parasitical co-dependent unhealthy relationships we form overnight then spend years getting out of, the visceral gut reactions that cause us to attack verbally, mentally, energetically or emotionally, the blockages in chi flow in the meridians/energetic body, the lack of ability to feel truly positive emotions, the constant emotional prodding into feelings of inadequacy/worthlessness, and things like automatically shutting our minds to new information that threatens our already in place belief structure (cognitive dissonance)....all of these things, we consider to naturally be a part of us. We call it human nature.

Natural humanity definitely has aspects of these issues with us already, but the parasites exacerbate these situations to the point that they actually start training new neural pathways to cause habits to be hardwired into your cerebral networking through neural plasticity. Neural plasticity is one of the phenomenal abilities already hardwired into humanity....we can literally reprogram our brains with vigilance, dedication and focus.

Neural plasticity is most easily programmed with the fake it til you make it approach. You fake it (set up new neural pathways and wiring), til you make it (activate those new pathways to take precedence over any others). It sounds simple, but that is the point. The whole system is set up to keep the information we need to completely override the parasites in the category of "so simple it cant work".

OK. Now, the parasites do everything they can to propagate as much negative vibrational energy from the host as they can. They "milk" humanity for these emotions so they can survive, and they do it through direct overlay of our nervous systems.

This is how we take the control back.....our bodies are quantum computers in every aspect of the words....including being able to be programmed from the DNA on up through the conscious decision to upgrade. That being said, we need to look at the goals and objectives of the Archonic implant system and counteract them. They do not want you to achieve balance. A balanced individual can easily recognize outside influences or thoughts and ignore them. They can scream all they want to, but if we dont follow the actions and thought patterns that the parasite is trying to create, the parasite doesnt get fed and it starts to become weaker.

Create in your mind your ideal of the perfect human. How would that person act? How would that person think? How would that person feel? Directly overlay it into situations in your life...the traumas that we carry with us, the relationships that are poisoning us, the situations that make us drop into that negative would that person react to those specific situations?

This is one of the hardest parts because of all the habitual neural programming already in dominance....but try to act like that person. Every situation that comes to you, keep a part of your consciousness completely separate and silent. Keep it watching yourself from the inside out reacting to the thoughts and emotions. Keep the blueprint of the perfect human overlayed on all that you do as the observer inside lines up your actions and thoughts to match to that perfect blueprint. Anytime your thoughts or emotions fall outside of that pattern, that is either Archonic implantation, or the neural wiring set up by them. Whenever you detect impulses that arent you, do the exact opposite.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you feel hostility flash to the front, or a wave of depression settles over top of you, or you feel an immediate gut reaction to ignore new information...stop yourself. Exert your control over your state of being. Meet the hostility with compassion. Meet the depression with self growth. Meet the new information with an open mind and force yourself to look into it, even if you know its all false. The more understanding we have, the wiser our decisions come to be, and even falsehood has a value and a purpose if it is only for the fact of being able to disprove that falsehood by strengthening your convictions, evidence and understanding of the truth.

Humanities natural state is to be who we want to be, without a literal internal battle over positive/negative dominance battle, and the more we realize this, the less influence these distractions have on us.

The protocols post extraction are the same, except this time you understand what it feels like to be without the parasites and the constant prodding.

Now, our environment is inundated with these fleas, and after extraction, we are still vulnerable to re-implantation, either through direct physical contact or being in the close proximity to them. They have almost a shark-mentality...they see food in front of them, and they eat it. They have no restraint or control, and even knowing they are going to be transmuted instantly to the central sun doesnt stop them from latching on where there is a vacancy, if they have the opportunity.

If you do not have the energetic propensity to remove them yourself, you can do the protocol above, which I call the starving process. They will still be there, but if you weaken them enough by not giving them the food and sustenance they need (low vibrational energy) they wither to almost complete inactivity.

I will be posting how I remove them energetically in a few days with as much in depth detail as I can in the hopes that someone can intuit how to find and remove them on themselves and other people and can start doing what I am right now....extracting and teaching others to do the same.

The bottom line in all of this is that we need to constantly strive for inner balance. This isnt an easy process, and it does take time, effort and dedication, but its all inside of you. You can work on this whenever you want....At your job, at home, relaxing, working, exercising, playing, creating...anywhere.

Now is the time when this information is coming out to a much bigger population than what it was relegated to before. Now is the time where our liberation is going to be completely up to us. Now is the time when we need to see something worth doing, even though it isnt easy, and get it done.

I am here for you all, and I hope you all are here for me. Together we will give everyone who finds this information hope and determination.

I would like to emphasize again, that I am NOT a messiah. I am NOT special. I truly believe anyone can learn what I know, and I truly believe that there are already people much more advanced in knowledge and ability than I am. But I have a job to do and I will not run from it anymore.

Together, we will Unleash Natural Humanity.


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