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Golden Frequency Immersion Retreat

The magic and mystery of humanity has long been relegated into the dustbins of history, into the mundane reaches of what is possible. What we are facing in this current day is the culmination of a species capable of mythical "god-like" powers, but has and has had no access to even perceiving the energy that charges these abilities except in isolated and rare cases around the world.

These times are coming to an end. With the rising frequencies and amplitude increasing the vibratory resonance of the planet on all levels, physically, energetically, consciously and evolutionary, these energies not only are much more perceptible because of this, they are much more easily accessed.

For thousands of years, isolated groups of warrior monks, philosophical groups, benevolent secret societies, art schools, libraries and inspired individuals around the world have been learning and studying through generations of research and observation (and in some cases divine intervention) techniques to be done directly by the individual, both physically and energetically, that unlock specific points of flow in the physical body that allow perception and awareness of the vital life force energy that our bodies create and that the universe is made up of. On a quest to forever improve, we have found and learned many of these techniques that were forbidden knowledge for thousands of years, relegated to tiny circles that carried the knowledge through to the modern day. What has unfolded is a process of downloads and integrations of new techniques and abilities that although they were born in different parts of the world, fit together in a perfect mosaic to unlock the body into chi induction.

This retreat is engineered to maximize the potential of all the worlds most powerful body unlocking techniques and to conglomerate them into a series of activations and energetic upgrades that is literally designed to turn out incredibly powerful etheric juggernauts capable of being able to perceive and transmute the etheric parasite construct systems, learn the anatomy of their personal energetic metabolism, understand the processes of how energy flows in the body and how to hypercharge/activate specific points and what the ability/frequency of said points can do, how to identify which level of interference is being experienced, and how to find solutions for whichever level of dysfunction is being noticed.

An overview of the itinerary is as follows.

Day 1: Introduction to the morning routine (yoga, Chi Kung, EFT, breathing techniques, etc...) Guided meditation through unlocking the musculature of the body Presentation on the systems of the body ranging from physical to energetic and how they interact together Group meditation on connecting into the body/nervous system and opening connections into guiding bloodflow.

Day 2: Morning routine, introduction to advanced meditation techniques Nervous system breath interaction tutorial Introduction to advanced breathing techniques and energetic stretching Meridian system introduction/tracing

Day 3: Opening routine, Chi Kung tutorials Trauma release exercises Group Golden Theta womb healing, soul shard retrieval, cord cutting

Day 4: Tai Chi warmups/tutorials Gentle cycle stretches Q and A Rest and relaxation

Day 5: Opening routine Presentation by Siara Loveless: Introduction to the Golden Theta State Golden Theta State Meditation, purpose and training Group clearing and attunement

Day 6: Opening routine Overview on energetic hygiene. What is it, how do you do it, etc... Step by step walkthrough on a group meridian clearing/activation Group Source/Gaia connection

Day 7: Opening routine Q and A Group World Liberation Activation

As this is going to be just as physical as it is energetic, there are some things that you can do to help maximize the effect of the retreat, and begin training before coming to Mt Shasta for the retreat, and these techniques and stretches can be found here.

We are incredibly excited to bring this to humanity and are excited to see you here! Some of the things that will be needed will be a yoga mat, yoga bricks (if needed), blanket, towel, and a water container.

We have a few options for food at the retreat. First, we offer the option to bring your own food to store in the refrigerator and prepare on your own to cut cost. Secondly we offer two different catering options, details can be found here. On a personal recommendation level, Kelly's food is some of the most amazing organic, pesticide free, delicious food I have ever eaten and highly recommend taking the food package, I sure am!

Headwaters Cooperative catering

We have 30 spots available and are offering them for $333 per guest. Email us at to get further information and confirm your reservation. We are hosting the retreat at the incredible McCloud River Mercantile Co. (Store and Hotel), located at 241 Main St, McCloud, CA 96057 from August 28th (9:00AM) through September 3rd (4:00PM) and cannot wait to see you there to help Unleash Natural Humanity.