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September 28, 2018

*****  On Facebook Ashley Aurora and i have been friends for about a year now. More than once, her words have touched me deeply. Upon reading this piece, I immediately asked her if I could post this on the Unleashing Natural Humanity blog as more people need to have a chance to read this wisdom, to feel this awareness. Collectively, we have so much trauma and ingrained damage that has created a system of isolation, anger, abuse, guilt, shame, rage, depression and hopelessness. In order to rise above these traumas and programs, we have to ascend emotionally. As a whole, we must begin looking at this from a much bigger picture. Ashley illuminates this bigger picture perfectly. I hope many of you too, can connect with Ashley, read her words, feel her deep wisdom, then share her words to aid in awakening these truths in others.


So without further ado, it is my honor to publish this beautifully written piece.



From my heart to yours,

Eric Raines


*****You can find Ashley's Facebook page here. *****




Thank you for providing me the space to speak my truth:


I dont hate you brothers. I do not look down on you in shame. Even to the men that sexually violated me, raped me and exploited me when I was just a young girl, I do not shame nor hate you. I see you.


This trauma rises. I am shaking. My cells remember your aggression, your entitlement, your desire for conquest. I am shaking. I am scared- I am back there, that moment when I felt powerless.


I see me. I hold me. I love that little girl, that beautiful, rebellious teenager that was confused about what real nourishing love feels and acts like.


To every man that has raped, molested, or has exploited a women- I fucking forgive you. God damn that is hard to say. But I do. I forgive you because I see the cords. I perceive the deception. I can attune to the higher awareness. I understand the game. The cycle of abuse. I understand the fucking mind control. I understand the deep trauma.


May you find healing. May you forgive yourself and release yourself from the bondage of shame. May you find safety and reclaim your inner child. May you know that you did not deserve to be abused, exploited and raped either.


So many men are sexually abused too. Not much talk of this goes on. Yet with the cleverly orchestrated Me Too movement, we witnessed more men coming out and voicing their own sexual traumas, saying "hey, me too."


Sure was this a defensive reaction? Yes. But underneath was many men saying hey everyone, I was fucking beat and raped too. Our brothers deserve to be held just as much as women do.


Can we please have a moment of silence for every boy, young man and man who has been emotionally, mentally and physically raped?


I truly cannot imagine how challenging it must be to be a man in this world. Especially a man that had awakened yet still really struggles with trauma.


Our young boys are vulnerable.


They are exposed to dark sexuality. They are exposed to deep soul fragmenting propaganda. They are exposed to patriarchal programs that teach power over, control, violence and disembodiment.


Bless the young boys. Oh bless them. They deserve support, healthy role-modeling and solid, grounded and present men to mentor and guide them.


Men- those who have done a sufficient amount of self-work. Please, our young boys need you, they need your Beautiful masculinity, they need your presence, they need your strength and power.


Please consider being a mentor to one child, to one young man. Maybe 1x per week or even 1x per month, mentor a young boy. Be present and have fun with him.


We can get esoteric and talk spiritual shit all day, but the work is truly in our community. The children must be guided and protected.


As a single mother raising a budding teenager, I feel the depth of sadness of fragmentation, divorce, separation. I see how this has impacted my son. I pray to the One to bring healthy men in my son's life. Friends and mentors whom he can feel safe with, to feel protected by and seen and understood.


 Our tribe has been fragmented. We live isolated lives. This must end. This is how the Controllers desire to control us. To separate and divide us, to fragment our Soul and find whatever means necessary to hijack our Sacred Presence. My generation: half of you do not have children.


But please do not forgot about them, nor your role. Please move away from self-centered narcissism and your obsession with selfies and think about the kids. They are watching you. You are setting the trends. Think about them in all of your relations.


Do not abandon your community. All your social media talk and flaunting will be deaf one day and when you transition you will ask "Did I love? Did I show up? Did I allow myself to receive love? Did I share my presence, my gifts?"


The children, the young boys and girls are reflecting back to us the sick and insane programs of control. Half of the kids in this country are medicated, thrown into schools that operate like prisons and are deliberately isolated from the larger community.


How much longer will we accept this shit? When will we get fucking angry and say no fucking more?


The children are our seeds, our future. I step aside and see and take responsibility for my role in the world. I will protect them, I will show up, I will remember that I am them and they are me.




~Ashley Aurora,
August 2018

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