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Golden Frequency Coaching

Wherever we need to go, this session is the pathway to it.

  • 1 h
  • 260 US dollars
  • We will meet either by skype or phone

Service Description

This session is the hub of Omnidimensional exploration. Every service and skill Eric knows and teaches can be found here, your only requirement is a willingness to learn and practice. At the beginning of your session, simply let Eric know what you are there to learn. Some of the skills offered for teaching are: 1.) Crystalline Organ Rejuvenation, which is how we activate the Organs and Meridians and learn how to access the DNA blueprint, creating the template for organic, restorative rejuvenation for injuries, physical trauma, disease and general wear and tear. 2.) Ancestral Clearing. This process involves activating the Mind, Body and Spirit levels to gently flow through the Ancestral layers of trauma and blockage passed down from those who came before. This particular session is perfect for those wishing to take their journey much further. If you run into blockages and traumas that seem to always stay stuck, no matter how much work is done, often times it is the Ancestral levels not moving and simple acknowledgement and Alchemical Transmutation can dissolve those levels for good. 3.) Golden Frequency Attunement. This particular practice is one of the easiest ways to create powerful, lasting Chi flow in the body. The attunement process involves aligning your Central Channel Meridians with all of the glandular "Chakra" centers in the body, hyper charging the natural systems of energetic connection. This will expand Chi perception and awareness, activate dormant healing energy in and out of the body as well as expand the inner understanding needed in order to process and create brilliant Omnidimensional energies. 4.) Soul Shard Retrieval and Cord Clearing. In this activation, we create a brilliant star out of the Heartspace, using your own personal Mind, Body and Spirit resonance to track down any parts that might be outside of your awareness field. Once found, these pieces cleansed in brilliant Source energy then integrated. This creates the perfect foundation to then transmute out all of the dense levels of connection between you, people, places, events and timelines. Perfect for an introduction to how Chi works and your personal power in this space. Each session involves being taught how to do these techniques as well as having them done for you, so you can continue to work on these levels, long after the session is done. For any coaching outside of these levels, simply tell Eric what needs to be done and he will intuit the pathways

Cancellation Policy

Our friends, We are honored that you have found your way here and want to share in this wondrous journey together. What beautiful times we live in! Below you will find our terms of agreement for all tickets, sessions, classes, retreats, events, workshops, etc. If you have any questions, need assistance, refunds, reschedules, or anything else that comes to mind, email us ASAP at . We understand that life happens and there may be circumstances or situations which arise that make appearing at your appointment impossible. In these instances, we will attempt to be as accommodating and flexible as possible. Our calendar is often fully booked, reschedules or rebookings may take up to 9 weeks to accommodate. If something comes up, please do not hesitate to reach out, so we can explore options with you. For sessions, Eric calls you, either by phone (within the U.S.) or by skype (outside the U.S.). That being said... Our official cancellation policy is as follows: Any cancellation made prior to 24 hours of the session, online class/event, or package start time will be happily met with a full refund or reschedule as follows: Reschedules are available up to 24 hours in advance of the session, online class/event, or package (referred to collectively as "appointment" from here on), subject to availability. All reschedules are based on availability, if any. If the client is more than 30 minutes late to an hour-long appointment or 15 minutes to a 30-45 minute appointment, services are considered rendered and the time remaining is considered void. No refunds or reschedules will be given. Cancellations or missed start times within the 24 hour period are non-redeemable and considered void. If the appointment time is missed by the client, services are considered rendered and no refunds or reschedules will be given.*Special circumstances may apply and are up to the sole discretion of Unleashing Natural Humanity (UNH). *FULL REFUND AVAILABLE FOR SESSIONS AND ONLINE CLASSES. WITH MORE THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE GIVEN BY CLIENT PACKAGE REFUND SCHEDULE, FOR $500 PACKAGES THAT INCLUDE THREE (3) SESSIONS: *Before 1st appointment- $500 Full refund (with 24 hours notice) *Before 2nd appointment - $300 Partial refund (with 24 hours notice) *Before 3rd appointment - $100 Partial refund (with 24 hours notice) *The same cancellation and reschedule policies apply to packages as stated above. Reschedule when needed. REFUND POLICIES PARTICULAR TO IN PERSON EVENTS, IN PERSON WORKSHOPS, AND ALL RETREATS *For in person events and workshops, 15 days notice must be given for a full refund. No partial refunds available. *Retreats require at least a 30 day notice for full refund, less deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. A 15 day notice for a refund of 1/2 the ticket price is required. Unleashing Natural Humanity reserves the right to refuse service. Appointments, sessions,and tickets can be traded or gifted to others with email notification to UNH at ~~~~~~~~~~~ Now that we are done with all the mundane stuff... Thank you so much for joining us here! We are honored to be traveling on this path together with you. See you soon!

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