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This exercise is designed to go specifically after the frozen moments in time that still carry pain. This could be anything that has happened in the past that still hurts when you think about it today. This could range from emotional, physical, psychological or sexual abuse, to less complex traumas such as the death of a loved one, an injury from an accident, a bad break-up, etc...


No matter how "silly" we might think the trauma might be, if it hurts, it is showing us where a wound exists. If we can feel the pain, we can also show our inner healing processes where to work. Transmuting trauma is an uncomfortable process. It brings up feelings and memories that we do not enjoy.


But! It is only bringing up what is already there. The process of transmutation is the process of finding those spaces and turning them into fully healed, healthy spaces that radiate clean energy instead of pain. The trick is to go into the "bad" feelings with the intention of healing, instead of fighting them.


This exercise is perfect for everyone. Knowing how to find and transmute trauma in the body is an invaluable skill that will serve on every level you encounter in your life. 


In particular, if an inability to let go of the past, whether that be recurring fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, sadness or anger around moments that have been lived through, this meditation will show and explain the space internally available to all of us where true healing is made possible.

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