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Light Field Creation

Light Field Creation

This exercise is for anyone who is having trouble "seeing" light. When trying to start an energy practice, one of the first things taught is how to create fields of light in your Mind's Eye and many stop trying when they realize they cannot do this. Many times, the problem is an inability to hold a complex concept inside of a space where you have never seen or felt something like that before, which only needs a bit of training. Simple steps that cement in the frequency. Each step simple, yet building into an orchestra of energy.


Once this concept can be felt in small, simple ways, it can be integrated into a much bigger spectrum of being, activating Mind, Body and Spirit in a much more tangible way that can be felt, explored and used to shift your body and the reality around you.


There is a small group of people who have an effect called aphantasia, where there are no "pictures" or "movies" in the mind's eye when it comes to memory or concept creation. Even if you are a part of this group, this exercise will be effective in learning how to tap into the physical frequencies of Light in the body. The trick is, instead of "seeing", "think". Everything being explored in this meditation is a concept that you might not be able to "see", but you know what these feelings, sights, smells and experiences are. Where others would "see", you will experience the feeling of it, or "think". Then, study the effect it has in your body. Results are the only thing that matters.

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