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Energy Center Evolution

Energy Center Evolution

An energy center can be any place in the body where Chi is stored, created, is transmitted from and is received. Many already know about the 7 layer Chakra systems cooresponding with the rainbow color spectrum that runs from Root (pelvis) to Crown (top of head), but we have many more in the body.


Any major joint (shoulders/hips, elbows/knees, wrists/ankles) is an energy nexus, anything that operates on bioelectricity such as the entire nervous system is an energy nexus. Individual lymph nodes are energetic centers as well.


By learning how to activate and charge these spaces, they begin to hold a stronger level of baseline energy, meaning at rest, the amount of Chi is much more than it would be without the activations. 


The more these centers are cleansed, charged and activated, the more powerful they become until an Energy Center Evolution is achieved. This is when the Energy Center becomes as a Sun, radiating powerful Omnidimensional energies throughout the body and the reality around.


This is one of the easiest ways to turn on psychic gifts, healing abilities, general youthening and grow a much more complete internal/external awareness.


This technique can be done to any Energy Center in the body

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