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Astral Cleansing

Astral Cleansing

This exercise is designed for anyone experiencing recurring nightmares, astral interference, still feeling tired after a full night's sleep, and experiencing waking up with more dense/heavy energy than you went to sleep with.


In this meditation, we activate and align the body into a clean, bright foundation, then shift into the dream space or the Astral realm where the consciousness goes while physically sleeping.


By consciously going into this space as a Sun, we can begin to find the spaces that hold onto our deepest fears, traumas and triggers in the subconscious space. By bringing order and healing to spaces that are unknown and scary, we can begin to process consciously what the body usually has to bring through subconsciously (dreams, tension in the body, non-stop thinking, repeating problems, self sabotage, etc...)


This type of clearing is especially needed if the dreamtime is experienced as a war, competition or a space to be hurt in.

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