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Sat, Jan 30



Mycelium Frequency Exploration

Exploring the omnidimensional forces of the infinite Mycelium Energy, both in the Inner Microcosm and the Outer Macrocosm.

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Mycelium Frequency Exploration
Mycelium Frequency Exploration

Time & Location

Jan 30, 2021, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST


About the event

Mycelium energy is a three-part energy flow that connects all mushrooms, fungi, spores, mold, etc… throughout the Universe in a quantum entangled field of advanced non centralized intelligence.

Mycelium is the white fuzz that grows through decaying matter before mushrooms or fungi begin to sprout, which in turn create spores to propagate the spread of the mycelium. Without this process, life as we know it would not exist on many levels due to the balance this brings and the recycling of nutrients and minerals back into living beings.

Energetically, as we clean out dense energies such as trauma, parasites/implants, stagnant emotions, genetic programs and past life karmic attachments, often times we are faced with a recognition of “so many layers” that need to be cleaned out and without powerful tools such as the Smile Tornado or hacking the Earth gravity to drain stuck energy, often times it looks and feels like an exhausting, never ending job of constant cleansing and clearing.

By being able to tune into the Mycelium frequencies, we can replicate the processes that fungi naturally express in the physical realms, most importantly, the ability to turn “rotten and decayed” material into new, verdant sources of life. Turning trash into compost if you will.

This comes in three steps, first is the mycelium growth through the “so many layers”, followed by an activation of emotion and energy that “fruits” the mushroom/fungi energy into a full blown transmutation field that then finalizes with a pure, clean activation of new growth and new life inside of a space that used to be rotten and decayed.

This is a very powerful cleansing frequency that anyone can utilize, from the burgeoning energy practitioner, to the fully embodied energy adept. Having this in your toolbox is a huge confidence booster as I have not been able to find a frequency that comes close to the powerful yet quick activation that can be created in this field of energy.


  • Mycelium Frequency

    Join our exploration as we move into Mycelium Frequency January 30th @ 1:00 pm PST (think Portland, Or, USA time)




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